Wilkinson Cowan Partnership has a team of experienced project monitoring surveyors and expert witnesses which is commonly appointed by banks or other funding institutions to advise on the risks of acquiring an interest in a development.

The Project Monitoring surveyors here at Wilkinson Cowan Partnership have many years’ experience in this particular construction service for some of the leading investment banks on private residential schemes, and the expansion and future-proofing of a privately- owned end-of-life care home for sick children.

Our project monitoring surveyors will advise on:
• Land and property acquisition matters
• Statutory consents
• Competency of the developer, its team and any proposed project management systems
• Financial appraisals
• Development, finance, consultancy and construction agreements
• Construction costs and cash-flow forecasts
• Design and construction quality
• Site progress against the development programme and completion dates
• Prepare or comment on interim applications for payment
• Approve capital draw-downs from the funding institutions
• Advise on the programme and cost implications of proposed variations
• The validity of any contractual claims that might arise

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