International Womans Day 2018

In 2015, I was in my final year of a Law degree at Manchester Metropolitan University and I was looking to take my legal qualification into the work place. I came from a family where all the male members had spent their entire professional careers working in construction . I was very aware it was an industry that had traditionally been dominated by males however, I was also aware the industry was opening itself up in offering females opportunities of employment and professional development.

With this in mind, I undertook work experience in Quantity Surveying with Wilkinson Cowan Partnership. This placement ran for approximately three months and gave me a valuable insight into the industry.

On successful completion of my Law degree I was delighted to be offered a post graduate training position in Quantity Surveying with Wilkinson Cowan Partnership. Since taking up the position in 2016 I have been made very welcome with a great deal of effort being made to integrate me into the team. I very quickly found any concerns I may have had, being a female in an historically all male environment did not materialise.

I am almost two years into my training and in the final year of my masters degree in Quantity Surveying at Salford University. I was encouraged and sponsored by Wilkinson Cowan to take my masters, with them supporting me throughout the whole process. My ongoing personal and professional development is carefully managed and planned through development review meetings.

With the help, support and mentoring I am receiving at Wilkinson Cowan Partnership I am confident I will achieve my ambition of becoming a Quantity Surveyor. Although the industry is male dominated I do not see this as a barrier for females – I would encourage any female thinking of taking up a career in construction, to enter the industry without reservation as to the traditions of being an all male environment. With support like I have received it can be barrier free to achieving your own aspirations in construction.