Edgerton Grange − Worsley

  •   Client: Great Places Housing Association
  •   Completion: September 2015
  •   Form Of Contract: Purchase Agreement
  •   Services: Purchasers Agents (S106)
  •   Value: £1.44m

Number of Units Delivered
12 dwellings (4 x 3B/5P Shared Ownership houses, 2 x 4B/7P Affordable rent houses, 2 x 3B/5P Affordable rent houses,4 x 2B/4P houses for Affordable rent)

S106 requirement on Egerton Grange, Worsley, Manchester.

Project leadership
WCP got involved in this Section 106 development while the purchase agreement was still in negotiation. We had to positively engage in the negotiations and advise on difficult situations around road adoptions still outstanding from an adjoining, previously completed development.

One of the key risks was that build was progressing before the purchase agreement was entered into so we arranged site meetings with the contactors project team to agree a range of specification uplifts and design amendment to ensure that the properties were build to the clients specification in anticipation of the agreement been signed.

Proactive Project Management
WCP engaged directly with the contactor to ensure that the build was on programme to meet HCA deadlines for funding. We managed and coordinated site meetings to ensure that the clients specification was followed. We also highlighted some key H&S considerations regarding a sub-station and street lighting.

Due to the short run in for handover and the fact that all plots were completed simultaneously we had to carefully manage the collection and checking of handover paperwork prior to handover day.

Risk Management & Change Control
WCP had to carefully manage the run in to handover as 8 of the plots were successfully rented and due to be occupied on the day of handover. WCP coordinated the snagging process to ensure that on the day of handover all plots were ready for the customer. The client’s development officers was not able to attend on the day of handover so WCP managed the handover of keys and paper work from the contactor to the clients housing services team.

The development was strongly objected by local residence, due to the sensitive nature we increased site inspections to protect the reputation of the client by ensure good building practises were followed to minimise disruption for the properties backing on to the rented units.

Cost control
As the project was a golden brick stage payment agreement WCP managed the payments thought the build process, despite the purchase agreement not been entered into we inspected the plots and the various stages and reported to the client what payment would be due immediately on agreement of the purchase.

How WCP delivered VFM on behalf of the Client
WCP were involved at every stage of the process and pro-actively managed the project from initial meeting to final completion.

WCP allocation of senior staff to each project with housing experience underlines our commitment to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction on every scheme.